FD4Cast delivers Financial Modelling Excel spreadsheet templates built to a professional standard which are driven by VBA (Macros).

Users can construct dynamic models from the templates, with the ability to configure limitless revenue and cost streams, as well as other balance sheet items.

There are no recurring annual software licence costs, just a one-off fee for a lifetime licence:

Lifetime Licence


FD4Cast templates contain:

  • Roll-forward functionality (actuals are integrated with forecasts)
  • Currency options
  • Individual Employee Salary / PAYE / NI calculations
  • Budgeting and Scenario Planning functionality
  • Ability to build as many models as required

Additional Information:

  • Technical Support via telephone and email is included
  • Customisations offered (upon quotation)
  • Customised Trial Balance import routines from CSV or spreadsheet offered (upon quotation)

£499.00 + VAT

FD4Cast Client Task Management Excel Template will allow you to track upcoming task deadlines such as book-keeping, accounts, tax filing & payroll requirements.


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