Excel Forecasting


When you need the efficiency and flexibility that only Microsoft Excel can provide for financial forecasting and budgeting, then choose FD4Cast.

FD4Cast achieves its ‘industrial strength’ by addressing MS Excel’s two key weaknesses:

  • Inconsistent quality of handcrafted models built by untrained users or those with gaps in their knowledge
  • The difficulty of bringing spreadsheets together into a single database to produce integrated P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow reports

To eliminate these issues, FD4Cast has done the hard work of creating an Excel template system that provides flawless forecasting and budgeting. The extensive use of checksums eliminates simple errors in formula construction, such as #VALUE! ; #REF! ; #NAME?, to maintain the integrity of every spreadsheet.

Excel Budgeting

Key benefits

FD4Cast provides full nominal forecasting and budgeting capabilities to let you:

  • Produce Full Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cashflow Forecast reports
  • Deliver complete unwinding of forecast, as well as historical, debtor and creditor books
  • Perform real-time ‘What If?’ scenario planning
  • Allow variance and sensitivity analysis in the same model using memory slots
  • Remove ‘Key-Man’ dependency for your business for forecasting and budgeting
  • Enjoy confidence that output data from models is always reliable and trustworthy
  • Maintain the flexibility traditionally delivered only by MS Excel
  • Take FDs away from report production, freeing up more time for decision-making
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Excel reporting

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Construction and configuration time, whether implemented by the user or the installer, is estimated to be around 30 minutes or less per mode

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